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Change your perception of reality.

Constructive Media's Augmented Reality Viewer lets you see a lot more than what you'd expect.

CMAR allows you to view amazing 3D animations, models, photos, text, and more simply by using your smartphone or tablet! Imagine being able to see a 3D model of your home design by scanning in a 2D floorplan, or seeing details of a processing plant by scanning in a photo!

Constructive Media's Augmented Reality (AR) Viewer allows you to do this and more - so let your imagination run riot and let your audience see a lot more than what they'd expect.

The viewer is available on the App Store for compatible iOS devices as well as the Google Play store for compatible Android devices - and it's free.

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Customer Reactions

This is why we at Constructive Media do what we do - creating memorable experiences!

  - "WOW! Lots of people in shock and awe around the office!"

  - "Very cool experience. Nice work!"

  - "Wow! That looks amazing!"

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